K.P. Gresham enjoys writing humorous cozy mysteries as well as audacious (in all its definitions) mainstream novels. Due to her quirky fixation with adventure plus the fascinating inspirations provided by members of the human race, she has a never ending source of story lines and characters. K.P. writes in two genres: main stream and mysteries. Hey, variety is the spice of life!

​Three Days at Wrigley Field revolves around her life long loyalty to the Chicago Cubs. In this novel K.P. explores the ends to which the Cubs’ owner will go in order to win the ever ever out of reach World Series. His solution is a “Rembrandt” of a closing pitcher. Who happens to be a woman. (You were warned that it was audacious.)

For the Pastor Matt Hayden series, K.P. grew up as a “Preacher’s Kid” in Illinois, then married an awesome guy who whisked her away to a paradise called Texas. Both experiences put the truth into her fictional and beloved Grace Lutheran Church of Wilks, Texas. A graduate of Illinois State University and a middle school literature teacher for many years (again, lots of fodder for lots of tales), writing humorous mysteries combines her lifelong love of laughing, reading and enjoying a great whodunit. K.P.’s moniker is “have story, will write,” and she hasn’t stopped writing for over fifty years!