1. What was your initial reaction to the book’s premise? What emotions did you experience when presented with the idea of a woman being good enough to play professional baseball?
Did your attitude change as the book progressed?

2. Did you find there was too much baseball in the book or too little?

3. How did the players, coaches, and trainers react to Rachel before the try-out? After? 

4. What purpose did the WGN baseball announcers serve in the book?

5. How would you describe Rachel and Boswell’s early relationship after meeting in college? How would you describe it at the end of the book?

6. What was Rachel’s toughest challenge? Did she overcome it?

7. What was your favorite baseball scene in the book and why?

8. What was your least favorite scene in the book and why?

9. Owner Mike McAllister and Baseball Commissioner William Cannon had very different views about baseball. What were their views and which view would you have agreed with more before you read the book? After you read the book?

10. Does the reader of this book need to be a baseball fan? Why or why not?

11. If you got the chance to ask Ms. Gresham one question, what would it be?

(Great! Now send it to me at kpgresham@yahoo.com, and I’ll try to answer it for you!)