Title: Three Days at Wrigley Field
Author: K.P. Gresham
Genre: Fiction/Mystery/Thriller
Audience: Adult
Word Count: 75,231


Plot: This novel is expertly plotted and engaging. The author does a fantastic job keeping readers on the edge of their seats, including those who may not baseball fans.
Prose: Gresham seamlessly uses multiple points of view, combining each story into a perfect timeline replete with well-placed mini-cliffhangers.
Originality: The combination of love, passion, illness, and the business of baseball makes this an original tale that will appeal to readers of all stripes.
Character Development: Each character—both primary and secondary—in this story stands out as a clear individual. Readers will strongly relate to each character, including the antagonists.
Blurb: This is a fast-paced story of love, hardship, fear, trust, and shady business decisions. It's also a love letter to baseball and a powerful page-turner.

• Plot/Idea: 10
• Originality: 9
• Prose: 10
• Character/Execution: 9
• Overall: 9.50

Report Submitted: September 17, 2018


Three Days at Wrigley Field
K.P. Gresham
Epiphany’s Flame L.L.C, Publisher
0996700226          $16.99 Print/$4.99 ebook 

Rachel Caravetti is a statuesque female baseball player with a strong arm and a penchant for winning. She loves teammate Kevin, a pitcher whose time has passed and whose position is up for grabs. When Rachel's upward trajectory collides with Kevin's slump and a team owner's interest in hiring her against tradition and odds, trouble brews on Wrigley Field. 

Adversity comes from unlikely places—not just the threatened romance between Rachel and Kevin; but from the Cubs manager and the granddaughter of the team owner who would hire her. 

If this were a romance story or a baseball account alone, it would be much more singular; but the characters examine, question, confront, and rebel against the forces that change their lives, and this element of self-examination accompanies the politics, confrontations, and even murder that runs through Three Days at Wrigley Field's baseball focus: "For the last hour he’d been sitting in this pew, examining and reexamining his life, trying to make sense of what had passed and make peace with what would never be." 

The element of surprise, combined with psychological inspections, crafts a more detailed story line than anticipated from a baseball romance/thriller, and will please readers who may have anticipated a sports focus alone. 

Another strength to Three Days at Wrigley Field lies in its ability to portray underlying special interests, influences, and concerns; from Rachel's choices (which stem from wanting to prove her femininity despite her sports prowess) to Leah's commitment to using her political savvy to try to get Rachel to fail ("She’d been taught by her parents from early on that favors were part of the game. The politics of money was every bit as important as the amount."). 

As motivations, managers, and muscle collides on the field, readers are treated to inside perceptions of the world of professional baseball as Rachel looks for a way in even as other characters seek ways out. 
Intrigue builds and combines with game descriptions to create a satisfying buildup of egos, politics, and confrontations that will delight baseball fans; especially those with special interest in the Chicago Cubs. 
Issues of women's barriers, rights, and struggles for recognition combine with this sports focus to create a well-rounded story filled with delightful twists and the struggles of a woman who strives to be recognized as a major athlete by giving the game (and her relationship) a real shot at success.